Happy Birthday to us! Thank you so much for supporting our business! We’ve had a huge first year. I didn’t realise how huge until I wrote it all down in a list.

We write a little about having a growth mindset and healthy approach to training. So, a big part of cultivating a growth mindset is about celebrating your achievements. So I thought the time was right to reflect on all the things my team and I have achieved this year. And just casually, we’re feeling pretty chuffed.


Happy Birthday Gym Bandits! This year, our first year of operation, Gym Bandit has:


    1. Helped loads of awesome Gym Bandit’s with their sports supplement needs.
    2. Supporting community-focussed strength sports like strongman by being major sponsors of the Australian Strongman Alliance Nationals. As well as Brisbane’s Strongest Man/Woman which included Australia’s first adaptive strength category for people who don’t let limitations in functionality of their body hold them back (https://www.townsvillebulletin.com.au/…/659e160e81f53b977d5…). We finished the year off by being major sponsors of The Montague Hotel + Gym Bandit South East Queensland Classic, a powerlifting event at Panthers Powerlifting
    3. Worked with four athletes to help them achieve their dreams. One is National Champion of Strongman in *her* weight class and came Third in the Worlds. The other won his Pro Card in the WBFF (bodybuilding competition). We are so proud of their efforts and stoked at the small part we played in their success. One is a single mum who dominates her day every damn day.
    4. Made a commitment to develop only supplements which provide effective nutritional benefits and have been proven safe in the long term. We believe in lifelong health and the importance of mental health within that. Subsequently, we do not support the dangerous steroid/sarms trade in any way and we do not support athletes who take these substances.
    5. We are environmentally conscious and considerate. As surfers, we love our beaches, coastline and natural environment. As parents, we want our children to inherit the best possible future. So we made the choice and stand by it to package our products in foil-lined stand-up pouches which have 98% less plastic than plastic containers other supp companies use. Not to mention that stand up pouches have less carbon emissions due to their flexible nature – so they are better across the product lifecycle. They might not look as fancy as those rigid plastic tubs, but we are proud of them.
    6. From next year, we will take this one step further by developing Australia’s first reusable container programme for supplements. Our customers on the Gold Coast will be able to return their personalised packaging to us for us to arrange refilling.
    7. We have also made the decision to further cut our plastic use by launching plastic-free shipping satchels. Made from Cassava Root + Cornstarch, these Australian-made 100% biodegradable “hero” satchels are surely the future of product logistics.
    8. We have gotten 98.7% of parcels out within our same-day dispatch timeframe.
    9. We developed 14 quality products at a reasonable price and outstanding quality — and low or super-low stevia/sweeteners.

    On the cards for next year

    We’re currently putting our plans together for next year. If you’re chasing a product we don’t currently have, let us know!

    What we do know right now is that next year Gym Bandit will continue in our support of Australian strength sports. We are so proud to be supporting Australia’s first all-female strongwoman competitionThe Rise of The Valkyries – at Valhalla Strength South Brisbane.

    We’ll let you know soon about our big plans for next year. We will continue to make change and run our business by our own values and ethical compass. So, if you’re into fitness, join our tribe. Your purchase both puts food on our table as well as make a much-needed change to our fitness culture.