The 2018 Australian Strongman Alliance Nationals is going to be HUGE!

Australian strongman has previously existed in a vaccuum…. until now! For the first time, Australian strongman athletes will be competing for places in some of the biggest and most insane international strongman events in the world. Gym Bandit are proud to announce we are a Major Sponsor of the 2018 Australian Strongman Alliance (ASA) Nationals. We are stoked to be part of history in helping to build a platform for Australian athletes to compete globally. As a premium fitness supplement brand dedicated to helping Australians achieve their fitness goals, Gym Bandit is excited to see Australian strongman athletes dominate relentlessly!

Go Team Gym Bandit!

Team Gym Bandit Athlete Red Wiard will be competing in the event which we’re also super excited for. Cheer on Red, then come by and check out the latest Gym Bandit supplements, grab a few samples, and chat to our team. It’s going to be an awesome event!

Team Gym Bandit Athlete Red Wiard will be competing at the Australian Strongman Alliance Nationals
Red Wiard will be backing up her impressive Arnold Sports performance at the Australian Strongman Nationals.

The Australian Strongman Alliance Nationals will be held on 21 July 2018 at the Mount Gravatt Showgrounds.

A quick rundown on the history of Strongman in Australia

Before now, the pinnacle of Australian strongman were domestic competitions as there was no direct gateway to the international arenas. Over the years, the ASA have built on the efforts of Australian promoters to develop sanctioned competitions at both state and national levels.

Thanks to the determination of the ASA team in developing Australian strongman, the 2018 ASA Nationals are the first time a standardised transparent pathway to global competitions.

International Competitions

Competitors this year can qualify for:

Ultimate Strongman – World Championships

The Winner of the Men’s Open Class will have the opportunity to compete with the best in the world in a televised stadium. The winner’s food and accommodation costs will be covered as well as partial flight costs. This is a true top level competition with names like Zydrunas Savickas, Mateusz Kieliscowski and Martins Licis taking part in these events. This event will likely happen in September or October.

United States Strongman – Pro Women’s Worlds

Available for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each of the women’s class at the ASA Nationals will get an invitation to compete at the United States Strongman Pro Women’s Worlds in October in the USA. This is one of, if not the highest, cash prize pool in the women’s side of the sport with over $10,000 in cash prizes available for the athletes to take home.

United States Strongman – 82.5kg Men’s Worlds

Available for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place from the Men’s 80kg class will be offered the opportunity to compete at the United States Strongman Competition Mens 82.5kg Worlds. This event will happen in October.

Train Strongman – The Official Strongman Games

Available to the winners of each weight class at the 2018 Nationals (except 72.5kg Women) providing they meet the minimum standards laid out by 2018 ASA Nationals.

For more information on the international competitions you could qualify for, check out Australian Strongman Alliance Nationals.

Strongman Events

This year, competitors will have to complete a frame carry, log clean + press, implement carry and load, Hercules Hold and Max Deadlift.

More information about the events of this year’s ASA Nationals can be found here: ASA Nationals Events

About the Australian Strongman Alliance

The Australian Strongman Alliance was formed to grow Strongman as a sport in Australia. ASA believe athletes, gyms and promoters need to band together under one federation in order to elevate all competitors and the sport of Strongman from the grass roots to international level. This will be achieved through the introduction of . This format will also allow for a standardised transparent pathway for athletes of all skill levels to advance, as well as offering opportunities and support for athletes who are representing our country internationally.

The 2018 Australian Strongman Alliance Nationals are proudly presented by the Australian Strongman Alliance and powered by Gym Bandit, Cerberus Strength and Dreadnought Strength Equipment.